Must-plant Flowers for New and Busy Gardeners

Do you want to grow plants but somehow, your place or time doesn’t permit it? Well, it sure sounds impossible since plants need time and love in order to grow. However, whether you believe it or not, low maintenance plants do exist. Such plants are actually pest-resistant and grow even with minimal care. In this case, such plants are recommended for both new and busy gardeners that want to have different means to spend their leisure time.


Listed below are examples of these plants. You can either obtain it through seeds and plant cuttings alike.


  1. Cleome – This plant is actually known for its pink and purple-colored flowers in June. These flowers attract hummingbird moths in the evening, therefore enabling cross-pollination. Planting a small garden with these plants will definitely bring colors and sweet scent in your garden.

Must-plant Flowers for New and Busy Gardeners


  1. Cosmos – Even though most of us think that cosmos are somewhat fragile, these flowers don’t wither easily even in the worst winter. These plants actually like poor soil and are known to naturally resist pests and plant diseases.


  1. Daylily – Now having at least 70,000 varieties recognized in the U.S., the color of daylilies range from pure blue or white and are known to bloom flowers longer when compared to an annual plant.


  1. False Indigo – If you’re somewhat fond of flowers from Himalayan poppies, planting false indigos is definitely a must. False indigos are known to bloom flowers that are similar with Himalayan poppy flowers in appearance. However, unlike those, false indigos are much easier to take care of.


  1. Globe Amaranth – Being a member of the grass family, globe amaranths spread easily like most weeds but in a good way. Planting and taking care of these plants are actually very easy, provided that you can manage to water them at least every day.


  1. Morning Glory – This vine is actually very popular with gardeners because of its purple and white flowers. Since it’s a vine, morning glory is easy to take care of. The truth is, fertilizing it isn’t recommended if you really want to see more flowers instead of leaves.


  1. Russian Sage – Even though most people don’t like the aromatic scent of this one, Russian sages are popular because its flowers actually complement almost every garden style. In addition to this, the only insects that actually visit these plants are none other than bees, which are needed for pollination purposes.