Strawberry Plant Box

How to Make a Hanging Type Strawberry Plant Box

If you want to take care of some strawberry plants and yet, don’t have the space to permit it (such as in apartments), don’t get discouraged. You can take care of these plants in a small, hanging plant box, which can save you a lot of space.


Strawberry Plant Box
Strawberry Plant Box


In order for you to do that, you’re going to need these things.


Building Materials

  • A 10-foot long Rain Gutter
  • 6 pieces Gutter End Caps (three on each side)
  • Roof Sealant
  • 2 pieces Eye Hooks
  • 16-foot long, 1/16-inch thick Steel Cable (cut into two equal 8-inch sizes)
  • 8 Pieces Cable Clamps
  • Pebbles
  • Soil
  • Strawberry Plants
  • Polypropylene Fabric (for landscaping, optional)




  • Jigsaw and Metal Blade
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill and Drill Bit (Sizes 1/8 and 7/32)
  • Wrench




  1. By using the Jigsaw, cut the roof gutter into three equal 40-inch sizes. Attach the gutter caps; two pieces each, in every gutter by using the roof sealant.


  1. Drill holes in the roof gutter by using the drill, along with the 1/8 size bit. Drill four equally-apart holes along the gutter’s length and two additional equally-apart holes, along the gutter’s width in the two end holes. It will somehow look like the Letter ‘I’.


  1. Attach the steel cables in the first gutter by inserting it in the two outer end holes and lock them in place by using the cable clamps. After that, insert the other two gutters, locking them separately and equally in the same fashion. This finishes your ‘plant box’.
  2. Choose the best place to hang your strawberries, preferably with a wooden beam where you can attach the Eye hooks in place. Hang your plant box there by using the hooks.


  1. If you have a Polypropylene Fabric, put it first inside the roof gutters before putting the pebbles and some soil in. Put the strawberry plants, spacing them at about five inches apart. After that, put the rest of the soil in. And lastly, don’t forget to water and take care of your plants every day.