Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch

Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch – Specification, Price and Release

We can still clearly remember the announcement of the old-timer in the field of device production, Alcatel, during the 2015 CES event way back in January regarding their array of gadgetry.  Through this event the company garnered significant climb of marketing in the USA.

Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch
Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch


It has commenced selling unlocked devices through their very own store like the ONETOUCH Idol 2S and ONETOUCH Idol X+ with price tags indicating less than $300.  Alcatel is currently selling a dozen unlocked devices which can be ordered directly from their site.


Meanwhile the company brings in their newest timepiece under ONETOUCH moniker which is ONETOUCH Watch, a round wrist watch that can be easily mistaken for a traditional timepiece.  Yet, just like the modern wearable watches, ONETOUCH Watch can be paired with a smartphone.  One major thing that sets this wearable aside from the others is its adaptability to work with either Android or iPhone smartphone.  It also has 3-5 days of battery life which is something truly amazing considering that it comes in a USD 149 sticker price.

Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch
Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch


ONETOUCH Watch has 1.22-inch diameter for display and is traditionally round.  The watch can send various notifications, is capable of music controls, activity monitoring and heart rate data.  Moreover, it features e-compass, NFC tag, an altimeter and is a certified IP67 dust and water resistant.  You can actually have a shower with it right on your wrist.  Cooler still, it can activate your camera by simply shaking your wrist.  You can then afford to take selfies sans the trouble of pressing buttons.  Further still, you can choose watch faces from the array of selection.
Recharging the wearable only takes an hour or even less by simply plugging it to a USB 2.0 port.  Where do you find the port on ONETOUCH Watch, you say?  Just unsnap the tip of the wrist band and there it is.   It can work with iPhone in iO7 and iOS 8 versions; and Android smartphones of versions 4.3 and latest


For the meantime, ONETOUCH Watch with black wrist band is only available through pre-orders. Other color selections will be available before the end of this year (2015).