How an AK-103 Works

The AK-103 is a modernized version of AK-74M assault rifle which was derived from AKM by Mikhail Kalashnikov.  We can remember that the AKM has been proven quite of a success most especially during the conflicts such as Vietnam War, Iran-Iraq War and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  AK-103’s design can be traced back to 1994 with its production handled by the Izhevsk Mechanical Works.  The countries who make use of AK-103 are Ethiopia, India, Libya, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.



AK-103 simply inherits the outstanding qualities of its predecessor and presents them into a modern system, now utilizing premium quality plastic composites and polymers to come up with positive results on its portability value. These include the forearm, butt stock, pistol grip and magazine.  On the other hand, protective coatings were put in order to secure excellent corrosion resistance on its metal parts.


You can see the gas cylinder of AK-103 mounted on the top of the barrel, staying loyal to the true Kalashnikov style.  There is also an apparent presence of flash suppressor and forward sight post. The stock is rather ergonomic and is placed right behind the receiver.  The pistol grip is set out straight and angled towards the back just behind the curved trigger.  The trigger is secured by an angular ring and is located behind the magazine feed.  The base standard sights are versatile and the optics can be installed along the top of the receiver. Aiming lasers, flashlights and GP-30 single-shot grenade launcher can be placed around the fore-end and underneath the barrel.


AK-103 is chambered with the 7.62x39mm M43 round which is pretty much similar with AKM.  It distinguishes itself through the wide array of paraphernalia like night vision, telescopic sights, knife-bayonet and/or a grenade launcher.



  • AK-103-1 (semiautomatic variant for police and civilian market)
  • AK-103-2 (has 3-round burst feature in place of full automatic version)
  • AK-103N2 (mount for the 1PN58 night scope)
  • AK-103N3 (mount for 1PN51 night scope)
  • AK-104 (carbine variant)