Blow Drying Mistakes that People Usually Commit


Blow drying is supposed to be an art by itself that requires people, especially women to have the right kind of brush, dryer and styling tricks. However, due to the fact that most people are in such a rush, blow drying mistakes are often committed, even with or without knowing it.

Blow Drying Mistakes that People Usually Commit
Blow Drying Mistakes that People Usually Commit


Listed below are some of the mistakes that people usually commit whenever they are blow-drying their hair:

  1. They don’t usually apply volumizer spray. To those who don’t know, a volumizer’s task is to add body to their own hair, which usually gets frizzy and dry whenever they use a blow dryer.


  1. They often use the wrong hair dryer. In case you don’t know, your traditional hair dryer can be a key to committing blow drying mistakes. If this is the case, replace it with an ionic type blow dryer. This one not only makes your hair dry much faster, it is also a good investment that can last up to five years or more, depending on its usage.


  1. They usually don’t use the nozzle along with the blow dryer. Needless to say, a blow dryer’s nozzle is an attachment that keeps the blow dryer in the right direction. Forgetting to use one is definitely a mistake, which will cost you time but a few burnt hairs as well.


  1. They skip from using the shine serum. Needless to say, a blow-dried hair definitely looks dry and dull. Shine serums help your hair by putting some slick in your hair.



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