Most Common Shampooing Mistakes

Most Common Shampooing Mistakes

Most people know that when it comes to hair care, shampooing the hair is very necessary. How can people commit mistakes in doing the most common task when it comes to taking a bath? Well…here are the examples of mistakes that we usually do when it comes to shampooing our hair.

Most Common Shampooing Mistakes
Most Common Shampooing Mistakes


  1. Most people don’t wet their hair completely before applying shampoo. This is the most common case especially for students and working people due to the fact that they have allotted a very small time when it comes to taking a bath. In order to make our hair clean, one must remember that a completely wet hair is a must before applying shampoo.


  1. Most people are using too much or too little shampoo. Applying too little shampoo in your hair has the same results as putting no shampoo at all. Applying too much shampoo, on the other hand, will just waste your shampoo and your money at the same time. It’s just like pouring all of it down to the drain.


  1. Most people don’t massage their scalp while shampooing. Shampoo is made not only to make our hair clean; it is also made in order to strengthen our scalp by revitalizing its lost nutrients. Massaging the hair makes the shampoo get absorbed by our scalp, therefore ensuring us that it is healthy and strong.


  1. Some people don’t use hair conditioner after shampoo. Unknown to most of us, hair conditioner also acts as a hair supplement. Applying this one right after rinsing out shampoo is a must.