Real Reasons Behind Hair Color Fading That Everyone Should Know

Real Reasons Behind Hair Color Fading That Everyone Should Know

Who of us doesn’t experience getting their hair colored nowadays? As we all know, hair coloring (other than black that is) is very popular these days. Most people, especially women, get their hair colored because of one main reason: That is, to enhance their overall beauty. Whether men accept it or not, they usually have their hair colored since it can potentially increase their overall appeal. Looks, as we all know, are everyone’s rights nowadays.

Real Reasons Behind Hair Color Fading That Everyone Should Know

If you already experience hair coloring, you must have noticed that the color fades after eight weeks or less. You must have thought that your hair salon uses a low-quality hair color solution all the time. However, most of these aren’t true and doesn’t have any concrete basis at all.


Whether you accept it or not, the real reasons behind the fading of your hair color is because of your personal error and not theirs. If you still don’t believe it, you can read the reasons below.


  1. Your hair is already damaged. Nowadays, we are all aware of hair relax, re-bond or even reviving techniques that are done by hair salons. In addition to that, most people, especially women are now using hair irons and ionic dryers. However, most of us didn’t know that improper use of this hair styling regimen will just cause further damage to our own hair. And once our hair is badly-damaged, hair color will fade faster.


  1. You are using the wrong shampoo. Most hair experts reveal that in order to make your hair color stay longer, you must make sure that you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo. However, this kind of shampoo doesn’t come in cheap, though. But if you really want to retain your hair color at a longer time, you must invest in this.


  1. Too much sun exposure for your hair. There’s definitely no doubt that you have gone to the beach during summertime. If this is really your case, you must have noticed that your hair actually got ‘bleached’. This is due to the fact that UV rays removes pigmentation in our hair, thereby losing its color.


  1. You always forget to deep-condition your hair. The secret to make your hair color stay longer is that you must always make sure that your hair is healthy. This means that you must shampoo it carefully and deep-condition it. Failure to do the latter will cause your hair color to fade at an earlier time.