Hairstyles with Twisty Bumps

For Women: How to Improve your Hairstyles with Twisty Bumps

A lot has changed when it comes to Fashion and Style these days. Due to the fact that we’re now living in fast-paced world, it’s only natural for everyone, especially women, to catch up with the latest fashion and style trends. Sad to say, we all know that keeping up with the latest style updates can be downright costly, especially when it comes to latest hairstyle. However, doing the Twisty Bumps will save your time and money.

Hairstyles with Twisty Bumps
Hairstyles with Twisty Bumps


To those who didn’t know, Twisty Bump is the latest way to have your favorite hairstyles get refreshed in a new and faster kind of way. This definitely gives you an amazing look in a faster kind of way without getting yourself bankrupt at the same time.


If you’re interested to give this a try, kindly read the instructions that are written here.

  1. For Twisty Bump Ponytails – Brush and part your hair the same way you do in ponytails. Take a very small section of your hair from the front of your head and twist it three times. After that, bring it back towards your head crown then push it slightly forward before getting that bump pinned in place. After that, do your usual ponytail and apply some hairspray on your twisty bump.


  1. For Twisty Bump Chignons – Brush your hair and make sure that you remove all tangles. Make a twisty bump just like you do with your ponytail. Make a side ponytail and twist it around, forming a side chignon. Secure it with bobby pins and apply some hair spray in both twisty bump and chignon.
Hairstyles with Twisty Bumps
Hairstyles with Twisty Bumps