Protect Your Hair from Summer Heat

How to Protect Your Hair from Summer Heat – 3 Ways

Summer brings out the fun and child-like glee in us.  It is one season that weaves the spell luring us to do adventures at the great outdoors.  We could go to the beach, bask in the glory of the golden sun and enjoy nature at its brightest hue.


However, we can’t just shrug off the challenges when we’re exposed to the heat of this season.  While we can put sunscreen to protect our skin, we usually forget about our hair.  We tend to let it loose, wild and free against the wind.  Little do we know that it can suffer during the exposure.

Protect Your Hair from Summer Heat
Protect Your Hair from Summer Heat



Here are several ways in how we protect our hair from the summer heat:


  • Wear a cap or a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair from the harmful rays.
  • A wide-brimmed hat should be one of a girl’s BFF during this hot season. Not only does it protect your face but it also shields your mane from the harmful rays.  For style, pull your hair into a pony tail or bring a twist using a scarf, and then don your hat.


  • Okay so you can don a hat, why don’t try a scarf.
  • We mentioned that you can put on a scarf before your hat but if you have a colourful one, then let it stand alone. Why bother to hide it under a wide-brimmed hat? Besides, a fabulous hair cap or scarf can bring out the best features of your face.  Try to embolden your lips with a rouge lipstick and accessorize, girl!


  • Pamper your hair with an ample amount of conditioner.
  • So you want to treat yourself a day at the beach or swimming pool. Like your skin, your hair needs to be conditioned and protected.  Slather an ample amount of conditioner on your hair so it can be protect it from the harmful chemicals of the pool or the salt in the sea. If you want, wear the optional hair cap though we wouldn’t want to jeopardize our fashion, would we?