Tammie Bradford – Arizona Hair Extension Specialist (Interview)

Tell me a bit about yourself and your work-life balance?

I have wanted to do hair since I was five years old sitting on my dad’s lap and putting his hair up in barrettes I love this business I’m a cosmetologist and I love making women feel more beautiful than they already are.


What types of jobs you’ve had to reach this stage in your career?

I started to go to school while I was in high school I left and went to a vocational school where they taught me everything I needed to know to get a cosmetology license.


What made you interested in the hair extension service?

I started to do hair extensions I was lucky and I started to work at a salon that was very progressive and we started doing individual pieces with synthetic hair and I am amazed and loved the change that you could give and that’s where my heart is and has been.


What makes your hair extension services stand out?

My hair extensions are different because they do come out without a tool and we have helped a lot of people grow their own natural hair out with having the hair extensions in because it is not damaging as long as the client properly takes care of the hair.


How did you overcome the greatest obstacle to your dreams?

The most challenging thing about getting my idea off of the ground would be the need to hire people with the same idea and I’m an artist so the office stuff is not my forte.


What make extensions so pricey?

Hair extensions are expensive and the hair price is expensive and when you do spend a lot of hours time is money and so you do want to at least charge what you’re worth I try to give my clients the best deal I possibly can because I just like the results of turning them around in the mirror and they love their hair it’s worth everything to me but we all do work for money.


Tell me what is your most unforgettable work experience?

Strangest work story that’s a hard one I go to work and I feel like I go to work to have fun but I guess the strangest work story would be when I did my first demo I was going into a cosmetology school to teach people and see if they want to learn more about extensions and I was so nervous I forgot to introduce myself and I did a 45 minute demonstration in about 10 minutes because I talked too fast and I had a wonderful woman in Denver at Emily Griffith her name is Lavonnya Washington she has helped me to publicly speak and I have to say I give all my thanks to Ed and Elly Arenas and Lavonnya Washington and another wonderful person who is no longer hear George Roybal. I would not be where I am and who I am without those wonderful people in my life.


How did you create brand awareness?

I have had PR people who have gotten my information in magazines I have a social media team I have also been lucky to be invited on TV to talk about my hair brand.


Why do you think you’ll do well in this job?

Training wise I have been trained by some of the most amazing companies fully trained cutting in Tony and guy I have taken classes from Vidal Sassoon’s which are amazing I have been fully trained in Schwarzkopf color and have taught I have taught for Tronics enzyme color developer and I’ve been around talent my whole entire career and I absolutely love every part of this business but my heart was always in extensions and doing hair it’s all about that smile you put on somebody’s face cause you make them feel better about themselves that’s what it’s all about.


What makes Fusion hair extensions complicated?

Most people that do not understand fusion hair extensions haven’t taken a class, all in all, it’s very simple and I feel it is the most natural looking hair extension because when you move your head your hair moves with you and you can brush it curl it straighten it and you don’t have to take them in and out, and as long as it’s not damaging that’s fantastic.


Tell me what you did to get provisions for your idea?

This next question is a good one how did I get funding I worked myself 12 to 15 hours a day because I believed in it so much and it was self-funded.