Five Best Medical Occupations for Women

Five Best Medical Occupations for Women

Nowadays, we all know that most women aren’t the housewife type anymore. In the past, the career woman type was a rarity, if not a myth. However, times have changed, and while having equal rights; women are now free to pursue the career that they want. Women’s jobs range from being a saleslady up to CEO of a certain corporation, depending on what she had studied and experienced.

Five Best Medical Occupations for Women
Five Best Medical Occupations for Women


As of now, women are also getting more involved in practicing medicine. We all know that the famous Florence Nightingale became the inspiration for nurses. However, there are other medical jobs that a woman can do, jobs that are stated here.


  1. In Women’s Health – Female patients usually demand female doctors because of rather personal reasons. In this case, the employment of women as an Ob/Gyn physician, midwife, and Labor and Delivery nurse is extremely needed.


  1. In Work-from-Home Medical Jobs – Even though it’s common for women to work outside, there’s the fact that they are still required to do most of the household work. In that case, medical careers that only require a telephone and a PC are recommended, such as medical writing, transcription and healthcare recruiting.


  1. In Pharmaceutical Sales – Pharmaceutical companies, if you don’t know, usually hire women when it comes to selling their medical merchandise due to more positive work environment. They usually offer part-time works for women.


  1. In Nursing – It’s a common knowledge that hospitals usually employ women as nurses since; they are more caring, especially when it comes to patients. As of now, nursing jobs allow lots of flexibility in working hours by offering a variety of shift-based schedules.


  1. In Practical Medicine – Nowadays, women had surpassed men when it comes to medicine. Aside from being excellent in core studies that medical practice requires, they are also natural when it comes to possessing ‘soft skills’ such as caring and nurturing both family members and their own patients.