Genetic Counselor

How to Get a Genetic Counselor’s Job

To those who didn’t know, a Genetic Counselor or a geneticist use Genetics in order to determine risks and incidents of inherited traits and conditions. They help physicians diagnose their patients and also help parents determine a disease risk and prepare to cope up with it accordingly, especially if it is found in their children.

Genetic Counselor
Genetic Counselor


As of now, Genetic Counselors work in either one of the three main areas of genetics: pre-natal, pediatrics and cancer. Depending on which area they are practicing, their job could also include writing detailed reports for physicians, meeting with parents or patient’s families to discuss genetic disorders that concern them and helping in determining the right treatment for the patient.


These are the requirements if you want to become one of them.

  1. You must have a Master’s Degree in Genetics Science. The curriculum for this degree includes epidemiology, public health, developmental biology and psychology. Classes in this course usually focus on genetics, public health and patient empathy. Advanced courses include clinical research, health communication strategies and review of previous genetic researches.


  1. You must have the Required Licenses and Certifications for Genetic Counselors. The American Board of Genetic Counseling offers various certifications and licenses concerning this job. In order for you to get qualified, you must successfully complete at least one of the 31 accredited Master’s Degree Programs and pass the certification exam.


  1. You must have the required characteristics for this job. A genetic counselor must have compassion, empathy, problem-solving skills and critical thinking in order to stay on this job.