Get Hired in a Health Care IT Job

How to Get Hired in a Health Care IT Job

We are now living in a world full of computers nowadays. Almost every known facility in the whole world does not operate without help from computers in one way or another. As a matter of fact, computers had entered the medical world also, in form of Health Care Information Technology.

Get Hired in a Health Care IT Job
Get Hired in a Health Care IT Job


Healthcare Information Technology or Health Care IT consists of computer and digital technology uses in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical healthcare for providers and patients alike. Healthcare IT can consist of, but is not limited to electronic medical records, electronic billing and coding systems and digital imaging networks.


There are two sides in Health Care IT, namely the clinical and the IT sides. The clinical side involves clinicians or medical professionals who chose to move to health IT while the IT side is an IT professional with no medical experience who had chosen the same path.


Depending on which path you came from, there are some steps that you need to do in order to succeed, which are mentioned here.


  1. If you are on the Clinical Side – Always make sure that even though you are not in the clinical role, you must keep your licensures and certifications active and up-to-date. Don’t ever let those certifications expire even if you don’t want to practice on the clinical side anymore. You will find this as an advantage, especially if you decide to return to your former craft.


  1. If you are on the Information Technology Side – Always keep your CISSP, CCNA, PMP and other technical certifications active. Advanced degrees such as MS, MSN or MBA in an IT can also be helpful.