Annual Check-up

Is Annual Check-up or Preventive Care Really that Necessary?

Even though it’s just an old time saying, doctors still believe the fact that when it comes to health, prevention of illnesses is still a lot better than getting it cured. Preventive care is also the same with health screening, which literally means that preventive measures are being done in order to make sure that the person’s health remains in good condition.

Annual Check-up
Annual Check-up

In some countries especially the U.S., preventive care is now covered by the Affordable Care Act, a law which makes sure that the country’s recipients can avail healthcare at an affordable price.

Cutting introductions short, preventive care is comprised of different kinds of health screening. Starting with basic physical examinations, the medical checkup begins by measuring the person’s height, weight, body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rating. Height and weight checks also include Body Mass Index calculations which help the physician when it comes to giving health recommendations concerning your body weight.

In addition to that, the physician will do some throat and neck examinations to check the person for any sign of thyroid disease. Blood examinations concerning cholesterol and blood sugar is done, which also affect the overall results of your health exam. The preventive care check-up is normally done in annual basis, but you can also undergo through that in quarterly or six-month basis, depending on the kind of job you have. If your job concerns technology, it is usually recommended that you undergo preventive care in a six-month basis while construction jobs and the like usually requires you to have medical checks quarterly.


We all know that doing examinations like this one isn’t dirt cheap. However, since this body is very important to us, we have to make sure that at least once per year, Preventive care must be done in order to keep our health in check. We won’t accomplish anything if our body’s in bad condition, experts say.