Applying Toothpaste on Pimples

Does Applying Toothpaste on Pimples Really Help?

Many people can actually give you that one of their greatest testimonies about toothpastes has something to do with pimples. Indeed some have proven that our teeth’s best friend can dry up annoying pimples quickly.  However, one should note that we also have different skin types.  What works on others does not mean they will work on you, too.  Thus, some found their pimples or skin more irritated.

Applying Toothpaste on Pimples
Applying Toothpaste on Pimples


The Culprit or the Life-saver?

The idea came from the agent triclosan that can actively kill bacteria.  It is commonly found in toothpastes, soap, body wash and deodorants. Additionally, it is also present in some treatment products but only as a preservative and not as an active ingredient.


Studies found that triclosan can be used to kill propioibacteria acnes (or the bacteria we can blame for acne).  Nevertheless, it should be formulated in a special way in order to activate this agent.  Simply having it as an ingredient in a certain product does not certify that your pimple or acne will be relieved.



Toothpaste can irritate more or worsen the condition of your pimple.  Many of those who applied toothpaste on their pimples experienced soreness on their skin for days!  You see, instead of making your skin better, toothpaste can create more serious dilemma.


The True Remedy

Instead of a hack, why don’t you apply the real thing instead?  Get an acne spot treatment that contains the right agents like salicylic acid, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide which proved their worth when it comes to reducing inflammation and speed up the healing process.  For those who have a serious case of acne, try to talk with a dermatologist about it.  Surely, he or she has a better judgment when it comes to skin conditions.


The verdict: Let your toothbrush remain as your teeth’s best friend.