Arthritis Pain

How to Manage your Arthritis Pain without Meds or Painkillers

Pain naturally comes with arthritis and this is no secret.  The pain is relative to the inflammation of the joints one acquires as he or she ages.  Since we are now in the modern and fast-paced age, we tend to opt for medications, the easiest way of dealing pain.  But since, we’re dealing with artificial, know that there are side-effects.  Just in case you don’t want to handle more than what you have, we give you natural ways how to ease your pain.

Arthritis Pain
Arthritis Pain



  1. Exercise or Work Out
  • If you’re overweight, try to lose some pounds so that you can reduce the pain on your joints. This also boosts your mobility and adds to your self-esteem. And what’s the best way of shedding off those extra pounds and fats? The healthy solution is exercise or work-out.


Exercise increases your endorphine levels which act as a natural painkiller and also makes your mood relatively brighter.  However, note that you must not do intense work-outs like loading yourself with a lot of weight-lifting.  Stretching and water exercises are much better option for you.


  1. Meditation
  • Know this fact: pain is not only a physical concept but also a mental concept. With a relaxed mind, you can get rid of stress, depression and anxiety.  It will help you a lot in coping up with arthritis and pain.  It also helps you to get the quality sleep you need.


  1. Massage Therapy
  • Massaging loosens up stiffness; hence, allowing you to be more flexible and active.


  1. Acupuncture
  • This ancient Chinese treatment involves putting needles on pressure points. In effect, it restores balance inside your body.You must search for a good acupuncturist and consult your primary physician before engaging yourself with this treatment.


  1. Cold Packs and Heating Pads
  • Hot water and heating pads applied against your joints can help ease the stiffness. On the other hand, cold packs can relieve you of pain.