Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer – 4 Steps

Many women suffer from breast cancer today.  This malady, if undetected at the earlier stage, leads to severe ordeals and ultimately, death.  So how does a woman prevent herself from getting breast cancer?  Here are several ways to inhibit oneself from getting this kind of cancer:

Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer
Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer


  1. Have a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Exercise, good diet and happiness are good ways to stay fit and in the pink.  This health scheme helps improve your well-being through eating the right kinds of food in right amounts, commends active existence, and boosts a much stronger immune system.


  1. Quit smoking and limit your alcohol. It’s not harmful for the body to take alcohol occasionally, but drinking it almost habitually puts a woman into a greater risk of having breast cancer.  However, if you have already a family history of breast cancer, it is imperative that you stay away from alcoholic drinks.  Refraining from smoking vice isn’t only helping you prevent breast cancer but is also benefitting your overall health.


  1. Examine your breast monthly. Be conscious of the form and shape.  It’s abnormal if one gets bigger but the other tends to be smaller.  Check lumps and take note of pains.


  1. Have a mammogram test. Go see the doctor and ask to perform annual tests for your breasts.  The test itself is a low-dose x-ray procedure.  Generally, women should take mammogram test beginning at the age of 40 and have it done bi-annually until 49.  Women who are 50 years and older, however, must take mammogram tests annually.
best ways to prevent breast cancer
best ways to prevent breast cancer