Breastfeed : Is It Okay for You to Breastfeed Your Lover or Husband?

Many women might be taken aback with this question: Is it okay for you to breastfeed your lover or husband?  Now, it is normal for babies to suckle and be fed through women’s breasts and IT IS ALSO okay if you let your lover or husband do this.




Since, we may not remember the taste of our mother’s milk, your partner might just be curious of the breast milk’s taste.  Besides, this act can bring you to a closer sexual intimacy with him.  It’s not perverted for you to let him suckle on your breasts for milk.  Physically, it can help you make your breasts size even as your baby might prefer either one of your bosom.


Furthermore, your partner can help you boost milk production through stimulation of your breasts can help you give off extra quantity.  If you’re unsure of the production, though, just remember to put your baby’s need first.  You can also communicate with your partner whatever concerns there may be in breastfeeding.


If you’re particular with words used in “breastfeeding your lover,” know these terminologies exist: Erotic lactation, Erotic breastfeeding, Male breastfeeding, Adult breastfeeding and Adult Nursing.


Just as there are pros in breastfeeding your husband or lover, you must also be aware of the cons.  Be reminded that HIV is transferred through body liquids and this includes breast milk. There are also some sexually transmitted diseases which can be imparted to your partner through breast suckling.  Be educated or informed about these matters as your health must be prioritized.