Can a Bra Prevent Sagging while sleeping

Can a Bra Prevent Sagging while sleeping

Women, in general, are conscious about their bosoms.  Some are particular with their size an cups.  Others are overly conscious of their health-related issues concerning their breasts.  Still, others—most especially—women in their mature years are dealing with concerns of breast- sagging.  If you’re a woman, you may find yourself at least in one of the given issues here, right?  What seems to be picking women curiosity is the circulating rumor about prevention against sagging of the breasts.  The alleged answer seems to catch attention more: Wear your brassiere while sleeping.

Can a Bra Prevent Sagging while sleeping
Can a Bra Prevent Sagging while sleeping


Is this true or a mere myth? Can wearing brassieres really go against the pull of gravity? Let’s answer this point by point.


Issue No. 1: Wearing Brassieres 24/7 Can Cause or Put Off Sagging.


  • There are several factors affecting the body of every human being in this planet. Women are no exception from these: Gravity and genes. Gravity gives toil to our body, only sometimes some genes are truly amazing that people having them age beautifully or slowly. On the other hand, one of the meanest culprits may be your genes, too.
  • Pregnancy contributes to breast-sagging as well. And while some women blame it to breastfeeding, the answer is… NO!


Issue No. 2: Sleeping While Wearing Bra Can Cause or Put Off Sagging.


  • Wearing brassieres—again—do not contribute to the sagging or preventing it. It’s more of a personal issue here. Some women, most especially those who are wonderfully endowed with larger cups are more comfortable wearing bras during sleep.  However, others sleep wonderfully sans their brassiere.


Issue No. 3: Brassieres Cause Breast Cancer


  • Here is one big debate. Still at the bottom line, experts claim that wearing bras are naturally safe and are not the cause of breast cancer.  However, if you are uncomfortable with those wire-type bras you are wearing, try to find something that fits and supports your bosom.


Issue No. 4: Tight Bras Can Create Health Problems


  • This is altogether true basing from the fact that it inhibits natural blood circulation. It may lead to pain in the breasts, back issues, skin reddening or blisters, and migraines. Be sure to get the right size of bra.  If what you wear kills you, then do something about it! Shop just as how every girl does.
Can a Bra Prevent Sagging while sleeping
Can a Bra Prevent Sagging while sleeping