Panic Attacks

For Children and Teens: How to Deal with Your Own Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks usually happen to children and teens especially during the times when they sense danger, fear, loss of control and anxiety among themselves. Panic attacks aren’t a small thing; if left uncontrolled, this could also cause some danger to yourself and to those around you. In some cases, teens that experience panic attacks while crossing the street often end up running frantically, therefore resulting to accidents and even death. Others just start shaking or become stunned with fear while in the middle of the road, causing cars to bumped right into him or her.

Panic Attacks
Panic Attacks


To those who didn’t know, panic attacks sound like a joke but, this is true and is usually the result of a post-traumatic experience. It sure sounds like insanity but, those who experience this know that this issue simply isn’t a laughing matter. After all, who of you wants to panic especially if there’s no danger around?


Dealing with Panic Attacks

There’s no medicine that can actually cure panic attacks. As of the time of this writing, drugs being used by people who experience this only prevent the symptoms by keeping your nerves relaxed. However, this isn’t a cure nonetheless. If you’re a child or a teenager and you’re experiencing this, you may better read the instructions below in order for you to know how to deal with this:


  1. Beware of the possible panic attack signs. Learning about those signs will help you in a way that you can prepare yourself right before you actually experience it. The truth is, panic attacks usually happen whenever an event or an experience suddenly ‘triggers’ the fear factor inside you. Depending on your experience, random events where you can relate your past can somehow trigger this, such as particular accidents. When this happens, there’s a chance that you will suddenly experience breathing difficulties, impairment or loss of vision, excessive sweating and even uncontrollable shaking.


  1. Calm yourself and stay where you are. During a panic attack, most victims tend to run away from the scene whenever they can. However, this is definitely wrong. Instead of running away, just stay where you are, breathe in and breathe out, then relax. This will definitely calm your nerves, making you assess the situation without any sudden harm happening to yourself.


  1. Focus on things that will make you think of other things besides your fears. Those who experience panic attacks often think of scary things that will possibly happen to them. Instead of doing that, try to put your focus on other things such as good memories or events. This will help you become more collected and relaxed despite the situation.