Chronic Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment

Being one of the most common problems nowadays when it comes to health, back pain actually affects at least eighty percent of people starting from ages thirty and above. Back pains are usually obtained after carrying heavy loads and other kinds of hard physical labor. Most back pains are relieved after taking proper medication. However, there are times that back pains last longer than what are actually expected. And if you have a back pain that lasts for more than three months or is too painful that it actually affects your job performance, chances are that you’re suffering now from Chronic Back Pain.

Chronic Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment

Regardless of where you actually got the pain, a chronic back pain is a worse kind of back pain that affects the person for at least three months or more. Such pains are also known to greatly affect the person’s daily activities, especially job performance.


Known Causes Chronic Back Pains

  1. Back Injuries – Chronic Back pains are usually acquired from various back injuries. Such injuries are mostly acquired either by accident or too much physical strain.


  1. Mechanical Causes – These are some of the problems that actually affect the spine and surrounding areas such as irregular muscle tension, scoliosis or abnormalities of backbone structure.


  1. Medical Conditions – Diseases such as Osteoporosis and Arthritis are known to cause chronic back pains. Pregnancy in women is also a well-known cause of it since the added weight actually puts more strain on the muscles that are located at the back.


  1. Infections and Tumors – Cancer tumors and various bone infections are also known to cause chronic back pains. Such cases need immediate medical attention.



There are different kinds of treatment that are available for those who experience chronic back pain. Depending on the case, the patient could take various medications, undergo an operation or both. In the case of tumor-related back pains, you have to undergo an operation to remove those. If pains are caused by your misaligned spine, a spine correcting operation might be recommended.


Despite its promised long-lasting effects, surgical operations are only recommended by doctors in worst cases. This is due to the fact that such operations could mean more harm than good, especially if it’s going to leave you entirely immobile for life if things suddenly went wrong. But whether you decide to undergo an operation or not, the doctors will definitely need your consent or permission.