Does a Colon Cancer Patient Feel Pain While He or She Has It

Does a Colon Cancer Patient Feel Pain While He or She Has It?

Most people nowadays are asking the doctors this question: Does cancer hurt? Maybe it’s because of what we have watched in the movies or some other medical material, pain is an additional fear factor when it comes to cancer issues. Whether it sounds like a childish talk or not, most people are actually worrying about the pain that the cancer patients must have felt.

Does a Colon Cancer Patient Feel Pain While He or She Has It
Does a Colon Cancer Patient Feel Pain While He or She Has It

The truth is, there’s no straightforward answer when it comes to pain in relation to any kind of cancer, including colon cancer. Since every patient is an entirely different individual, the place which causes him or her pain may be different from the part or place that causes pain in the other person. However, there’s only one sure thing: Not all cancer patients feel pain while fighting it. It sure sounds somewhat confusing but, that’s definitely the truth.


Potential Causes of Colon Cancer Pain

The truth is, even though we’re talking about colon cancer in this article, everyone must know that, since we’re talking about cancer here, there’s a chance that this will also spread in other parts of the body aside from the colon itself. Let’s just say that the colon is mainly the point of origin.


When it comes to colon cancer, feeling any kind of pain of discomfort is actually very rare in early stages. That’s the reason why cancer is diagnosed late most of the time. What’s more saddening is, whenever cancer patients feel pain, the cancer is usually in the late or final stage already. Whenever a cancer patient feels pain, the most likely sources of pain are the ones listed below:


  • Deep pains due to various compressions inside your organs, especially the colon. Usually, this is caused by tumors of metastatic origin.
  • Pains in the skin or nerve endings, which usually occur in your hands and feet, are common side effects of plant-based chemotherapy agents taken by the patient.
  • Discomfort from skin burns are actually the side effects of powerful radiation treatments. Needless to say, this is the usual pain experienced by those who undergo chemotherapy.
  • Surgical pain is experienced by those who had undergone a bowel re-sectioning operation.
  • Generalized pain or discomfort is experienced by the one whose body fights the cancer. This is also associated with exhaustion and nausea.

Be informed that self-medication won’t help in lessening the pain. In addition to that, alcohol and non-prescription drugs will also not give you the comfort you need.