Constipation: Misconceptions and Symptomatic Treatment

Most people must have experienced constipation once or twice in their life. Medically speaking, Constipation is a bowel movement disorder where defecating becomes difficult for people. Due to the fact that there must have been a problem in your intestines, you found it very difficult to release the undigested food out of your body.



The truth is, most people have misconceptions when it comes to Constipation. The first thing for you to know is constipation isn’t a disease. It is actually a symptom that there is something wrong inside your body. Another thing that’s worth pointing out is that there is no definite number when it comes to bowel movements. As long as the person can release undigested food out of his or her body without experiencing any problem, that is normal. The worst misconception about constipation however, is the fact that once people experience it, they often ‘treat’ themselves by taking over-the-counter laxatives.

Taking laxatives can be an immediate help; however this is not a guarantee that you’re not going to experience it next time.

As people get older, it is normal that they are going to experience constipation. However, you can do something to help lessen the chances of experiencing this kind of difficulty and this is by doing the following:

  • Eating Fiber-rich foods as a part of your regular diet
  • Drinking a substantial amount of liquids, especially water everyday
  • Doing exercises in a regular basis e.g. walking and running for at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Having an enema treatment, as prescribed by your doctor.