Digestive Symptoms that Needs a Doctor

Nine Digestive Symptoms that Needs a Doctor

Whenever we experience digestive system problems, most of us only put the blame on the food that we ate just recently. Because of this, chances are that most of us don’t actually know when it is the right time to consider such problems a warning or an indicator that something worse might be happening inside our bodies. This is also the same case for those who experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). To most of them, whenever a problem comes in regards to their digestion, this digestive disorder is to blame. Such assumptions only cause them to ignore or take the wrong medication which, if left unmonitored, could result in much worse.

Nine Digestive Symptoms that Needs a Doctor

Nowadays, most people are experiencing IBS due to various reasons. However, if the symptoms below are actually bothering you, you must make sure that you have your doctor’s number right inside your pocket.


  1. Digestive or Rectal Bleeding – If in case that you’re seeing some blood in your stools lately, you must consult your doctor immediately regardless of its quantity. Such bleeding could be the cause of ulcers in your digestive tract, which can be dangerous since they are usually prone to infection.


  1. Anemia – Anemia is the case where the person’s red blood cell count is actually very low than usual. Since this disease is actually diagnosed with other diseases, it’s much better if you consult your doctor for more information and testing.


  1. Unexplained Weight Loss – Those who have IBS become wary of foods that they eat, therefore triggering weight loss. However, if the weight loss is somewhat unusual, chances are that this symptom indicates a different disorder.


  1. Vomiting – Even though nausea is usually linked with IBS, there are no such cases that the person vomits because of this. Whether the case is psychological or another digestive disorder, you must make sure that you tell your doctor about this.


  1. Fever – Just like vomiting, fever isn’t a symptom of IBS. If in case that you have IBS and yet you experience fevers exceeding 102 degrees Fahrenheit, call your doctor immediately so that you can undergo various medical tests.


  1. Symptoms appear at the age of 50 and up – IBS symptoms are actually not known whether it could affect people of this age. However, if those symptoms come up to this people, most doctors actually link it with the presence of colon cancer. In this case, doctors must make sure that they do the necessary tests before releasing out medical results for the sake of those involved.