How Does Drinking Green Tea Help Fight Lung Cancer?


Due to the fact that there’s no known cure for lung cancer and its methods of treatment (in the case of chemotherapy) are very expensive, people are constantly finding various treatment alternatives that, needless to say, rich and poor people can both afford. This involves taking in foods and drinks that have cancer-fighting capabilities. And one of the best examples in this category is none other than drinking green tea.

How Does Drinking Green Tea Help Fight Lung Cancer
How Does Drinking Green Tea Help Fight Lung Cancer


Green Tea is derived from fresh leaves of the Tea Plant Camellia sinensis. Catechins, chemical compounds that are found in tea leaves are known to fight cancer cells, along with other various health benefits. Unlike the fermented or Black tea, Green tea’s capability of fighting cancer is significantly bigger due to the fact that its production process saves the majority of its phytochemicals, one of which is none other than the Catechins itself.


Green Tea vs. Lung Cancer

Researchers have conducted various studies which include smokers drinking four cups of tea per day. Since green tea is known to fight oxidative damage to DNA, the results have shown that the smokers who drank green tea has an average of 30% less oxidative damage compared to those who don’t. Aside from these, the epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) found in green tea is known to inhibit cancer cell division, therefore stopping its capability to multiply which is also the concept behind chemotherapy. Needless to say, drinking green tea can be somewhat compare to undergoing chemotherapy, less the negative side effects.



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