Ear Tube Placement in Adults

Fact about Ear Tube Placement in Adults

You might have come across hearing about ‘ear tube placements’ and didn’t have an inkling about it.  As explained, ear tube placement is a surgical process wherein synthetic ear tubes are placed within auditory tube, rendering it open.  Since the auditory tube is then opened, it permits decent amount of ventilation and drainage of the middle ear.  Hence, synthetic ear tubes are also called ventilation tubes, ear grommets or tympanostomytubes.

Ear Tube Placement in Adults
Ear Tube Placement in Adults


It is uncommon for adults to come across the need to have ear tube placement.  Children are the most common patients needing this kind of otic surgery.  After all, the auditory tubes of children are much narrower than those of the adults.


Surgical ear tube placement becomes a necessity for adults when they have certain conditions.  These conditions may be of the following:


  • Fluid Inside the Ear
  • The fluids may come in various forms which include but not limited to glue ear, serous otitis media or otitis media with effusion. The fluid may not go away and cause damage or problems with hearing, balance or speech.
  • Retracted Eardrums
  • This is described as having the eardrums or tympanic membrane sucked backwards or in a concave appearance.
  • Frequent Ear Infections
  • When you have frequent and recurring ear infections, there’s a great probability that you will undergo ear tube placement surgery.
  • Auditory Tube Dysfunction
  • Apparently, this is the primary reason behind as the Eustachian tube or auditory tube is unable to function properly.  This will result to several conditions like ear pain, ear barotrauma and raptured ear drum.



The surgery is quite simple with the surgeon making a small hole in the eardrum using a scalpel or laser, and will then insert the synthetic tube.   It would take merely 15 minutes of your time with your ear problem fixed and resolved.