Eating Reduces Your Risk of Having Dementia

How Eating Reduces Your Risk of Having Dementia

To those who don’t know, dementia is the deterioration of brain activity, therefore resulting to problems such as memory loss. This usually affects people of old age, though it is also known that people ages 40 up also experience this.

Eating Reduces Your Risk of Having Dementia
Eating Reduces Your Risk of Having Dementia


If you experience bouts of depression along with dementia, one of the most important things to remember is for you to eat the right kind of foods. These right foods include fruits and vegetables, protein and healthy fat. What most people think that fat is dangerous for you. What they don’t know is that when doctors started recommending you to have a low-fat diet, you actually tend to get fatter.


The truth is, people who have a healthy fat-based diet, which include fish, avocados, nuts and various seeds have a 42% risk of getting dementia compared to those who eat bread, pasta and potatoes who have a 400% increased risk of having one.


In addition to that, it has been proven true that those who have weaker guts have weaker brains as well. What most people don’t know is that our stomach and intestines contains millions of microbes, including lots of bacteria that actually helps us in digesting our food and regulating our body hormones, therefore improving our mood and brain activity as a whole. Eating fruits and vegetables containing insecticides also kills them so it is therefore advised that you must only eat fruits and vegetables that are raised organically.


We all know that there’s nothing we can do when it comes to aging. However, we can still fight dementia by watching out what we eat.