Electronic Smoking

Is Electronic Smoking Really the Answer to Quit Cigarette Smoking?

Before we answer the question, “Can we really stop cigarette smoking through electronic cigars?” let us have a rundown of what truly is an electronic cigar.


An electronic cigarette also dubbed as e-cigarette is a battery-operated piece of stick device that contains liquid nicotine dissolved in a solution consisting of water and propylene glycol.  They are also designed to look like real cigarettes with white cylindrical body, brown filter complete with red-glowing tip.  The twist—this one has a rechargeable battery, a plastic mouthpiece and a heating element.


E-cigarettes work by puffing on the end of it, causing the battery to heat up the nicotine inside.  The process then creates a vapour inhaled into the lungs resulting into ‘vaping.’  This so-called vaping is characterized with a sensation of smoke inside the mouth just like when a person is actually smoking cigarettes.

Electronic Smoking
Electronic Smoking



While many people opt for e-cigars to help them quit the vice and many claimed to have successfully backed out of the habit… well, they are the very ones who are still addicted to nicotine, a substance still found inside the e-cigars.  Hence, transferring your attention to e-cigarettes doesn’t help at all! They are poor substitutes for the real cigarettes.  Furthermore, according to the studies, several things were also revealed about these devices:


  • Carcinogens nitrosamines found in tobaccos were found in half of the test samples during the research.
  • There’s no such thing as no nicotine in cartridges though their amounts are minimal compared to the cartridges with it.
  • Most of the samples bear anabasine, myosmine and β-nicotyrine, tobacco-particular substances which are harmful for humans.



There are a lot of other ways to help yourself to quit smoking if you are a smoker.  You can go through counselling and support groups which are preferably human friendly than these so-called ‘substitutes.’