How to Perform an At Home Enema

Enema literally means to inject liquid to your colon via anus in order to motivate evacuation or bowel movement. Normally, it is a medical procedure that is being performed by doctors at various hospitals and private clinics. However, you can also do this at home, provided that you have the necessary equipment.




There are two kinds of enema, namely; cleansing and retention type. The cleansing type is done by letting the liquid stay in your colon for less than five minutes. The retention type, on the other hand, is done by letting the enema liquid stay for at least five to fifteen minutes before letting your colon contents loose in the toilet.


What you’re going to Need

  • Large, Old Towels
  • Oil (Almond, Olive or Coconut) for lubrication
  • An Enema Kit
  • A book or magazine (for reading)



  1. Since it must be performed in the bathroom, make sure that your bathroom is clean and dry as possible. Usually, there’s an urgent need to use the toilet after performing it so doing it aside from the bathroom can be downright messy.


  1. Assemble the enema kit according to the instructions that are provided along with it. An enema kit normally consists of the following: A bag for the liquid, a hook for the bag to hang to, hose, plug and a rectal tip.


  1. Fold the towels and put them in place in your desired bathroom spot. Use a little oil to lubricate your anus and a few inches of the rectal tip.


  1. Put some warm water in the bag and let it travel straight to the hose in order to make sure that there are no holes in it. Once you’re sure that there are no holes, clamp the hose to stop the water from flowing.


  1. Lie on your back towards the towel with your knees drawn towards your chest. After finding out your comfortable position, insert the rectal tip about three inches in your anus. Slowly release the clamp and control the water flow in your colon. Let the water flow until you take as much water as you can hold.


  1. After that, remove the rectal tip and let the water stay in your colon for a few minutes (for cleansing) and at least five to fifteen minutes (for retention enema). After the time has passed, sit on the toilet and relax until you expel everything inside your colon.