Energy Drinks affect our Bodies

How Do Energy Drinks affect our Bodies?

Hi, everyone! I’m Parmander Singh and we’re going to talk about energy drinks right at this moment. As we all know, most people take these whenever they need more energy during the day. There’s definitely no doubt that energy drinks had greatly helped people of different ages, especially those who needed more energy for work. Needless to say, taking energy drinks had become popular for at least three long decades.


Most energy drinks nowadays have these as their ingredient: Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana, Ginseng and Sugar. Depending on what kind of energy drink you are taking, the amount of these substances varies on every energy drink. These ingredients help people feel energized and awake, which can be useful if you’re working on a graveyard shift or driving late at night.

How Do Energy Drinks affect our Bodies?

In addition to that, not only convenience stores sell energy drinks. Even bars nowadays mix energy drinks in some of their alcoholic menus, therefore creating a different kind of cocktail drink. This is the reason why some people are now asking the question whether energy drinks are dangerous or not.


Potential Danger of Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks contain at least eighty to two-hundred milligrams of caffeine per eight ounces of serving compared to 44 – 75 milligrams in a cup of espresso coffee. Most energy drink manufacturers say that drinking more caffeine doesn’t give any harm. But the truth is, too much caffeine can be downright addictive.


Even though Taurine is an amino acid and can be found naturally in meat or fish, taking taurine in high levels could damage your kidneys, scientific studies proved. When added with caffeine, our kidneys will have a hard time absorbing both substances. And to top all of this, an 8 .oz energy drink contains at least six teaspoons of sugar. This can be somewhat damaging to our bodies, especially if you’re drinking at least two energy drinks per day. And if in case you don’t know, too much sugar can increase your risk of having diabetes and other health-related issues.


And even though most of us ignore the possibility, doctors said that mixing energy drinks with alcohol can be a dangerous combination. Due to the fact that energy drinks keep you wide awake, most drinkers won’t notice that they already drank their alcoholic limit, that is, until accidents eventually happen.


The Verdict

Since clinical studies haven’t proved yet that energy drinks are actually dangerous, doctors suggest that taking energy drinks on a regular basis IS NOT RECOMMENDED. However, it really depends on you whether you take the risk for a slight energy boost, or do the right thing by throwing your stock of energy drinks away.