Exercise for people over 60 years old, workouts for men over 50 years old


Exercise is an important element in our lives.  It is extremely important to be fit and healthy.  Young adults can do any kind of exercise like yoga, can hit the gym, aerobics and many different kinds of exercise routines that are available.  But, when it comes to elders and old people, they also need to do exercise on a regular basis which is more important for them to keep fit, but, they cannot do any exercise they like.  They need to take precautions and find out which exercise will suit their health at that tender age.


Exercise for people over 60 years old
Exercise for people over 60 years old


Start with a light walk:  One can start with a walk outside their house or on a treadmill for five to fifteen minutes every day.

Increase your pace a bit:  Bump up your pace a bit so that you are a bit out of your comfort zone and walk like this for three to seven minutes

Take a minutes break:  It is important that you take a one minute break and during this time just flex your wrist and ankles a bit

Do some weight lifting:  Use one to five pounds weight whichever is easy.  Do any kind of weight lifting exercise which is easy for you but do not over do it more than 10 repetitions

Do some stretching exercises:  It is important that you should do arms and legs stretching, so that both feel comfortable after all the exercise you have done.

Drink water:  It is important to drink water during your exercise.


Exercise for people over 60 years old
Exercise for people over 60 years old


Follow all of the above routine if you are over 65 and it is important that you should first consult your doctor and find out what all you can do as you exercise routine.  Then start doing it on a regular basis, which will help you to keep fit without any problems.  This way you will not have any health issues or problems and will always keep fit and healthy even in your old age, this will make you enjoy life even more and better way.  Exercise is important and do it regularly.




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