Fitness Plan for Your Kids

Fitness Plan for Your Kids: How to Keep Them Physically Active

With the modern benefits of gadgets made for the kids nowadays, playing physically active games almost becomes a secondary option.  Remember that kids only think with simplicity.  They would like to think this way: “I’m still playing,” all the while, they would hold on to the game controllers and thumb through the keys.  How are you to argue?  If you’re a parent concerned with the balance that a healthy lifestyle promotes, how do you convince your moppets?



Fitness Plan for Your Kids
Fitness Plan for Your Kids


  • Identify a starting point. Is your kid fond of cycling? Dance perhaps? Or archery? The point is to know his or her interest (or make that plural…INTERESTS).  Start from there, research and outline your next steps.


  • Be practical. Begin with simple, easy steps but build a strong impression. For example you may bring your kid with you as you play golf.  Teach your kid how to handle the club and how to do few swings.


  • Commence into those simple exercises. When you confirmed that your child holds an interest in the activity you just introduce, proceed into the next step. Bring your kid for a jog or work out explaining all the while how those exercises relevant to their interest.


  • Draft your weekly schedule or plan. Grab those in-between schedules and execute your plan.


  • Offer a variety of other sports and games. You can be creative with sports or games, too.  You can play ping-pong, badminton, basketball.  You can skate sometimes and do volleyball on the beach.  There are a lot of choices.


  • Motivate and Persist. Note your child’s advancement and compliment him for this. If you give merits to your child when he performs better in academics, then do likewise for this particular activity. Give incentives and rewards for your child’s accomplishments as this will keep him going.
Fitness Plan for Your Kids
Fitness Plan for Your Kids