Four Well-Known Running Tips for Newbies

Four Well-Known Running Tips for Newbies

Most people tend to sat that our life can be compared to a race of some sort. This saying is somewhat true, due to the fact that whenever you compete or just get yourself involved in a race for a cause, you definitely have to prepare for it.

Four Well-Known Running Tips for Newbies
Four Well-Known Running Tips for Newbies


Being a great runner doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a gift for running. It definitely doesn’t mean that you were born with the feet as swift as Mercury or as Atalanta in Greek Mythology. Being a runner, just like any other athletes, require much practice before they achieve their most desired price.


Whether you’re running just as a part of your exercise or you’re running to compete, these are the four main things that you, as a new runner, must try to remember:


  1. Having the Right Running Shoes. Having the right running shoes definitely doesn’t mean that you’re going to a sport store and buy yourself a Nike or an Adidas. Though these brands definitely offer great running shoes, running doesn’t work out that way. Right running shoes means that whatever shoes you’re wearing, always make sure that your feet feels comfortable whenever you’re wearing it, regardless of the shoe brand. Shoe specialty stores also tend to choose shoes for their customers depending on the foot type and the customer’s running style.


  1. Don’t forget to do some warm-up and cool-down exercises. Whenever you run, always make sure that you are doing warm-ups before running and cool-downs after running. This makes sure that your joints and muscles are not forced in a way that damages them. Needless to say, damaged muscles and joints not only tend to become painful; it could also make you lame for the rest of your life.


  1. Don’t worry about your running pace. Most people tend to run very fast from start to finish during an exercise. This is okay if you’re doing some sprints or you’re involved in a running event. However, this definitely doesn’t apply to a simple running exercise. Always try to remember that, whenever you’re running, try to change paces from slow to fast then vice-versa. This makes your legs and upper body get a proper running condition, without you exhausting out at an earlier time.


  1. Breathe in Air using both your Nose and Mouth. Whenever you’re running, inhale air by using your nose and mouth. This ensures that your body fats are burned easily because sufficient air is being supplied while you’re running. Deep belly breaths also prevent ‘side stitch’ issues in new runners. This is the kind of side pain that runners experience, which is also comparable to pain when you have a side wound stitch.