Garlic for High Blood Pressure

Garlic : An Alternative Remedy for High Blood Pressure

Are you experiencing sudden rise in your blood pressure? Due to various causes such as eating fatty foods, extreme heat and temperature or even hereditary issues, people nowadays are experiencing hypertension or high blood pressure, whether they are aware or not. According to Centers For Disease Control (CDC), about one of three adults in the U.S. is experiencing hypertension.

Garlic for High Blood Pressure
Garlic for High Blood Pressure


We all know that there are many cases wherein people are eating garlic in order to prevent that. However, is garlic a remedy for high blood pressure or not?


Garlic, as we all know, is a herb where its cloves are used in order to add flavor into your food. Not only it enhances your food’s taste; it is tested and proven that eating garlic or consuming its extracts can help prevent sudden rise in your blood pressure. It is shown that garlic helps lower blood pressure by helping the body produce nitric oxide, a substance that help widen your blood vessels.


According to National Institutes of Health (NIH), garlic helps moderate blood flow. Further reports show that those who consume garlic experience a sudden decrease in their elevated systolic blood pressure. It is also proven that this is more effective than taking placebo.


The only known downside when eating garlic is the fact that you can experience heartburn and nausea if you’re consuming it in large amounts. It will also have no effect if you’re taking garlic but also consuming fatty foods at the same time.