Glycolic Acid Skin Benefits

Glycolic Acid Benefits in Skin

Glycolic Acid, a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane and now made synthetically, is the most common and safest form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Being a known effective exfoliation agent, it safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, therefore bringing fresh, new skin to the surface. It also helps lighten skin color discoloration such as age or sun spots, and helps minimize acne and blackheads. And as an addition, it also helps slow aging. However, always remember that using AHA’s like Glycolic Acid makes your skin more susceptible to sunburns.


Glycolic Acid Skin Benefits
Glycolic Acid Skin Benefits



Products containing Glycolic Acid comes in many forms: serums, cleansers, eye creams, moisturizers and facial peels. Usually, Glycolic Acid should be listed in the “Active Ingredients” section, right above the product’s full list of ingredients. Make sure that the product you’re using contains at least 10 percent of this ingredient. Failure to do so won’t give any beneficial effects of this product to your skin.


To top all of these products, facial peels containing Glycolic Acid are the most effective. Since this chemical is known as an exfoliation agent, many dermatologists use this as a part of their skin peeling formula. As of date, there are two known effective Facial Peels.



  1. In-Office Facial Peels – These are the type of acid peels that are done in a Dermatologist’s office and are known to have quick and effective results. Usually, Dermatologists use about 30 to 40 percent concentration of Glycolic Acid in their facial peels, which only needs to stay in your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. They are also called lunchtime peels since it can also be done during your lunch break. In contrast to the cruel-sounding word, you’ll never experience burning, redness, peeling or discomfort during the peeling.


  1. At-Home Facial Peels – Even though in-office peels yield better results due to higher concentration of glycolic acid in skin, this type of skin peeling isn’t cheap. However, at-home facial peels like Brazilian Peel, iQ Natural Peel Kit and Skin Authority Resurfacing Accelerator are also known to yield good results.