Gut hormones

Gut Feelings – How to Digest your Food Better

Your gut serves as the guardian of your well-being.  It absorbs the nutrients and water our body naturally needs, giving us energy and life in the process.  It also has the ability to shield you from harmful agents like toxins that go along with your food and drink.  Surmise to say, it is one tough guardian that all of us have within us.

Gut hormones
Gut hormones


Since our gut is taking care of us, we naturally should take proper care of it, too.  Let’s be cautious in dealing with the following things that may cause our tummies to be upset:


  • too much sugar and carbonated drinks
  • too much alcohol
  • too much over-the-counter prescriptions and meds
  • parasites and yeasts
  • bad bacteria
  • stress
  • other environmental contaminants


Now, there are steps in how to help our stomach in the digestion process.  Remember that overworked guts can give us this uncomfortable, cramped feeling.


guts Mall
guts Mall


  1. Eat when your stomach tells you that you should eat, and stop when you’re already satisfied.
  2. Eat slowly and chew your food very well for it helps you break the food into little particles our stomach can easily handle. Moreover, the chewing process takes a vital role in releasing helpful enzymes which is good for our body.
  3. Get rid of foods and drinks that upset your tummy. These may include dairy products, refined grains, MSG and sugar alcohols.
  4. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, nuts, seeds and beans. Although tea and coffee are also good for you, know that there are certain limitations.
  5. Practice meditation and have enough sleep for it releases stress (see the list of harmful factors) and is certifiably good in our overall health.
  6. While taking in vitamins and supplements can be good for us, know that you have to deal with them wisely.
  7. Avoid heating foods in plastic containers, those with food coloring and fish high in mercury.