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Healthy Lifestyle Tips : Reconsider Eating the Food You Eat

In our today’s generation, almost everything is entailed to be sped up.  In big booming cities, the word ‘instant’ has been all about the buzz amidst the throng of go-getters and active people.  Products and technology were enhanced (and are in the continual progress of upgrading) to meet the fast-paced life of city folks. No surprise when the fast food and processed food industries are on their peak of business.  From beverages to meals, everything screams the word, ‘fast.’  No wonder that lives are put in jeopardy and human life span is continually facing degeneration.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips
Healthy Lifestyle Tips


FED UP has released its documentary trailer about the very things that every food consumer should know.  It talks about how an epidemic has stealthily crept its way into our lives without us even knowing it.  This prevalence is in the form of sweets, cooling drinks, yummy friend chicken and crunchy snacks which dominate our grocery stores and refrigerators at home.  This dilemma is in the form of a seemingly harmless substance which is part of our food… the sugar.


Presently, there are over 60,000 food items in America and about 80% of these have added sugar. While this is not a big issue for us, when you delve deeper on the effect of sugar in our system, we might just be surprised.  As indicated in the FED UP trailer, our reaction to sugar is not far from how our body reacts to heroine—it is very addictive.


It is forecasted that 95% of the Americans will become obese within 20 years.  What’s more alarming is that the current generation of children are feared to live less than their parents.  Obesity and shortened lifespan are but two apparent effects of this horrendous, silent epidemic.        Taking further to the future, by 2050, 1 out of 3 Americans will be diabetic.  Hearing the statistics, this is one issue that should not go unnoticed, or unsolved.


Apparently, the booming food industry definitely doesn’t want us to see or everything else is a gradual decay for them.  We may shrug off this issue or we can simply embrace what today’s big industries throw on us.  At the end it’s still up to each and one of us if we’ll continue to eat unquestioningly the food that’s right in front of us every meal time. Or we can do something about it even in our own simple but practical way. It’s up to us how we’re going to live our lives and stand up on how we life it beautifully and healthily.