High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure – Most Common Causes of Difficult to Control

High Blood Pressure is a common and occurring problem for most people from different age group.  While children can also have this health problem, high blood pressure is most experienced by those who are already in their advanced years.  Nowadays, controlling high blood pressure is made possible through medications.  However, there are cases when the ‘controlled’ gets difficult to be controlled.  If you (or a loved one) are experiencing this difficulty in maintaining your blood pressure, what should you do?  Of course, the answer is simply: know the cause.  Here are a few common causes of such difficulty:

High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure


  • Kidney Disease
  • This is one of the top causes of the difficulty in controlling high blood pressure. Troubling to say, kidney disease is also one of the most under-estimated enemy in this case.  The best way is to have your consultation with your physician and request for lab tests.


  • Vascular Disease of the Kidney
  • How does this differ from the mere ‘kidney disease’? Kidney disease has different forms. Vascular disease of the kidney is characterized by having difficulty of blood course to one kidney or both kidneys.  You may encounter the term renal artery stenosis. This is actually the medical term for vascular disease of the kidney.  In order to know if you have this condition, ask for a CT angiogram.


  • Sleep Apnea
  • If you are experiencing at least any of these symptoms, you might be experiencing sleep apnea:
    • difficulty in sleeping
    • snore loudly in your sleep
    • feel tired even after sleeping for 8 hours or more
    • feel the need to take naps within the day
  • Over weight can cause sleep apnea which causes the difficulty in controlling high blood pressure.


There are still more causes in difficulty in controlling high blood pressure.  The best thing you can do after knowing the probable cause is to talk with your physician right away.  You can help him determine the real cause by pinpointing specific facts or symptoms you are experiencing.


High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure