How Long can You Survive without Lung Cancer Treatment?


Whether we accept it or not, there are some lung cancer patients that doesn’t want to undergo treatment. To those who wanted to know, those people only lived an average of 7.15 months compared to those who have undergone treatment, which could live at least significantly longer than that. Because of this reason, medical experts don’t promote non-treatment. We know that this isn’t enough reason but, it’s somehow encouraging that survival from this disease can be a possibility.

How Long can You Survive without Lung Cancer Treatment
How Long can You Survive without Lung Cancer Treatment


Ridiculous as it may seem, some people don’t want to undergo treatment because of various significant reasons, some of which are mentioned below:


  1. The survival rate is very unpredictable. Even though lung cancer treatment could increase a patient’s survival, the duration can probably be extended only for a few weeks along with negative side effects. Because of this, the patients refuse treatment and just continue on living for as long as they could.


  1. The treatment can be a conflict with their religious beliefs. Whether we accept it or not, religion can be a significant factor when it comes to people’s decisions, even in disease treatments.


  1. The treatment is downright expensive. We all know that those who undergo chemotherapy must spend a fortune just to keep up with the needed treatment. If the patient’s family lacks the finances for the treatment, this can definitely affect his or her decision.


  1. The patient fears the treatment’s side effects. Aside from the fact that chemotherapy is very expensive, the side effects are also numerous given the reason that radiation also affects healthy cells. This can lead to other complications, complications that the patient doesn’t want to undergo.




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