How to accept your baby’s gender

How to accept your baby’s gender – 8 steps

Having a baby is really exciting, and many a times one expects a certain gender, but when he or she do not get what they expect.  They are very disappointed and would not really like to interact with the baby so much.  Whatever is your baby’s gender he or she is a good human being and is filled with love and care.  Initially you might end up feeling disappointed, but it is important to overcome that because only if you do can you give pure love, affection and care to the baby and enjoy the process of upbringing him or her.

  • Understand what may be behind your desire to have a different gender:  In your culture, one gender is valued more than the other.  You already have three children of the same gender and now want to have a different gender.  Family expectations weigh on one gender.  There are many other personal reasons for which you might want one particular gender.
  • Coping with your gender disappointment:  Allow for a short period of grieving for your dream or preference.  Remind yourself that it is preferable to live in the moment, not in a hope or a dream.  Consider discussing your disappointment with your partner, they might be able to help.
  • Spend time with your new baby:  The more you spend time with the baby the more you will start liking him or her.
  • Accept him or her whatever gender it is.
  • Before letting your child know which gender you wanted think hard before disclosing it.
  • Don’t let gender stop you from having the connect with your child.
  • Any gender children are beautiful and make life amazing.  The experiences you have with them are beautiful.

The beauty of having a child and experiencing them is completely different.  No one can put it in words, one has to experience in order to enjoy the whole thing.  So don’t be stuck with gender issues just enjoy your baby and the experience and everything will fall into place without any issues or problems.

How to accept your baby’s gender
How to accept your baby’s gender