How to Control Your Blood Sugar

How to Control Your Blood Sugar : Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes has been alarming the world for a few decades now.  The disease has been hooked with the rapid increase of population with obesity and overweight due to physical lethargy of most individuals.


How to Control Your Blood Sugar
How to Control Your Blood Sugar



For people who have no idea about diabetes, this is a condition that is characterized by insufficiency in insulin production within our body.  The insulin is a hormone that helps the body to alter or modify glucose to energy.  When there’s an abnormality or lack of insulin production, diabetes is the result.


There are known 4 types of diabetes.  The first two types are mentioned as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes are insulin-reliant, as the pancreas of these patients had already stopped secreting insulin. On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes occurs when there’s an ineffective use of insulin within an individual’s body.  It also affects about 90% of the total population that has diabetes.   Type 1 diabetes can’t be hindered, sadly to say.  However, Type 2 can be hindered.  Since the sudden boost of blood sugar is the main culprit, what are your necessary steps to control your blood sugar and avoid Type 2 Diabetes?

How to Control Your Blood Sugar
How to Control Your Blood Sugar


  • Learn how to observe a holistic healthy lifestyle. Balance your diet, exercise or medication very well. Be strict to your schedule of meals and avoid skipping them.  Further, disregarding breakfast leads to a sudden rise of sugar level. Here are breakfast items that can help you lower your sugar level:
    • Coffee and cinnamon: These two had hit the headlines just recently. They were announced as foods that help cut the risk of acquiring diabetes or              .
    • Oatmeal: Many are adverse in eating the soft touch of oatmeal to their palate. However, this food is a very high-quality carbohydrates with high-soluble fiber.  Hence, oatmeal is slow to digest and is not a catalyst in raising one’s sugar level.
    • Strawberries: Low in calorie and scrumptious berries to satisfy your sweet tooth.
    • Green Tea: Have a cup of green tea which is helps a lot in cutting calories, reserving carbohydrates and gives your immune system with disease-repellant reinforcement called polyphenols.
  • Stay physically fit through workout and exercises.
  • Alcohol intake, though it may lower your blood sugar, can trigger drastic reduction in your blood sugar.
  • Water your system by drinking at least 8 glasses of this life-saver daily.
  • Ever tried drinking vinegar? It’s not actually harmful for you to consume several teaspoons of it daily. Vinegar actually aids decrease of blood sugar. It confines the food temporarily, allowing slow-pace digestion.
  • Finally, be sure to be in continuous communication with your physician as he can provide your professional medical advice about diabetes.