How to Get a V Cut

How to Get a V Cut – 4 Steps

Are you one of those who just utterly tired of merely desiring that fit-look, or more particularly… that ‘V’ abs emphasis just a little above the front pelvic region?  Worry not anymore!  You can have that much-coveted V with these necessary steps.  However, you must acquire the two D’s before plunging into this lifestyle and routine: determination and discipline.  If you’re ready, then consider these points:

How to Get a V Cut
How to Get a V Cut


  • Start your work-out routine.
  • Select exercise that focus on your lower abs section. The basic sit-ups and crunches might help you do the magic.  Ask or research for more exercise that will help you strengthen this region.  Consider exercises that will help you not only with lower abs region, but to the overall core in order to avoid risking back pain in the process.
  • Leg-lift kind of exercises will also help. Do the leg lifts with you lying on your back, with your arms at both your sides for support.  Lift your legs and hips completing into an “L” form.  Hold this stance for several moments and go back to original position.  Remember not to do this is a hurried way or in bouncing style. Search more of other styles.
  • Do cardio exercises. Running or jogging will do for starters.  There are also other forms like swimming, hiking and cycling.


  • Avoid fat-rich diet, stick to the healthy one!
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, protein-enriched and low-calorie food.
  • Do not cut out the fat completely. There is a healthy kind of fat found in some fish, beans and nuts. Get these instead of the saturated one found in junk foods and most meat (like lamb, pork, chicken, beef…etc.)


  • Drink lots of water for rehydration and health.
  • Rehydrate yourself frequently since you’re into cardio exercise routine. Moreover, water helps into burning calories and can progress the flow of the blood in our body system.


  • Simply… Be Active!

Engage yourself in dynamic activities.  Now, this ranges from simple things to greater ones like sports.  Example you might opt for a walk or cycling going to your office.  You may take the stairs instead of using the elevator.  You can also join the tennis club or basketball club.  The good thing is, you can simply be creative, determined and disciplined to acquire that V cut you are aiming to have.


How to Get a V Cut
How to Get a V Cut