How to get bigger legs

How to get bigger legs in 6 months

If you want to get bigger legs because your legs are skinny then there are different forms of exercise that one can do.  One should always keep in mind that only exercising will not help, regular routine, correct form of exercise and proper food intake which includes plenty of calories to fuel your workouts is needed.  Work towards it and you will have bigger and better legs and they will not remain skinny any longer.  To know what to do keep reading the below details.


How to get bigger legs
How to get bigger legs


  • Do leg building exercise
  • Do barbell squats:  This is the single best exercise you can do to get big thighs.  Since it engages the most muscle fibers in the area.  Hold a barbell bearing weight you can lift for ten to twelve reps.
  • Do leg extensions:  Load the leg extension machine with the heaviest amount of weight you can lift for ten or so reps.  Straight your legs to lift the weight and lower your legs.  Repeat of for ten to twelve times for three sets.
  • Do standing leg curls
  • Do lying leg curls
  • Do stiff-legged dead lifts:  This exercise works your hamstrings, creating thicker legs.  Load a barbell with as much weight you can lift and do it for ten reps.
  • Use techniques that build muscle
  • Eat high calorie whole food.
  • Eat plenty of protein.
  • Take it easy between workouts:  When you are not exercising, try swimming, walking or playing basketball.  At times your muscles need to relax.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest.


How to get bigger legs
How to get bigger legs

Follow all of the above steps religiously and you will see that you are getting bigger and better legs.  But all of this should be done in set routine and should not be skipped for a long time.  It is important that one should follow it properly to see better legs after sometime.  So what are you waiting for get those legs that you have always wanted by doing proper exercise, eating proper food and at the same time giving yourself good rest.