How to grow a beard faster

For Men Only: How to Grow Your Beard Faster

 If having long hair is the glory of women, having a beard is the glory of all men. For those who are mature enough, having a beard on your face, regardless of race and origin, is definitely a must. Having a beard not only makes men look more masculine; it also makes them look more ruddy and attractive whenever they have a date. It is proven that women loved their men having a well-groomed beard.

However, most men have some difficulty in making their beards grow long. If this is your case, you can then read and do the instructions below in order for you to grow one. Don’t worry, all of these are proven safe.


  1. Always take good care of your face. Not because you’re used to have that rugged look doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of your face. Just like healthy hair grows in healthy skin, so is the healthy beard on a healthy face. Taking care of your face involves exfoliating your face at least once a week and using a facial scrub to remove dead skin.


  1. Always keep your skin clean. A clean skin promotes faster hair growth so washing your face with warm water will do the trick. After washing, you must use a facial cleanser that is specially made for men.


  1. Make sure that you get the much-needed rest. In order for our skin to become healthier, you must make sure that you get yourself enough rest. Rest enables your body to repair its worn-out cells, especially your skin cells.


  1. Use cream or moisturizer that contains eucalyptus oil or extract. Scientific tests have proven that eucalyptus helps in promoting hair growth. Always make sure that you use moisturizers which contain eucalyptus oil or extract.


  1. Increase your protein consumption. In order to promote faster hair growth, you must make sure that you take lots of protein in your diet. This means you have to start eating protein-rich foods such as eggs, lean meat, nuts, fish and tofu.


  1. Always eat fruits and vegetables as a part of your daily diet. It is scientifically tested and proven that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are known to promote faster hair growth. Because Vitamin B and Protein are nutrients that are known to promote hair growth, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is definitely a must.


How to grow a beard faster
How to grow a beard faster



How to grow a beard faster
How to grow a beard faster