How to make six pack abs

How to make six pack abs in 29 days

Being health conscious has become a second nature with people.  All and sundry read up about how to be healthy and what are the do’s and don’ts for the same.  Today’s generation be it the young adults or the older generation, everyone wants to have a healthy life and maintain a proper and good physique.  The youth especially are so influenced by having the perfect body which the Bollywood hero’s exhibit of having six pack or eight pack abs.  It is definitely not easy to get them as there is lot of dedication, diet and proper intake of food at right intervals is required.


How to make six pack abs
How to make six pack abs


There are certain myths of how to get these perfect abs, they are as follows:

  • Lots of crunches and sit ups will give you six pack abs:  Thousands believe that crunches and sit ups will get six pack abs, but it is not the truth.  A flat tummy is a combination of healthy diet and exercise and a healthy dose of strength training and cardio.  It is impossible to lose weight from just one part of the body.  One should know that everyone have abs, it is the person who has eaten and done proper exercise is able to maintain it.
  • Need to do crash diet to get six pack abs:  It is a thought that one should get into serious dieting to get the desired abs.  But, this is not the truth.  What one should do is have six small meals at regular intervals which should have protein, carb, fats, minerals and other nutritional element.
  • To get abs you need to say bye bye to carbs:  No one should say bye to carbs as this is an important ingredient to make your body function. However, one should avoid digested carbs like white bread and instead opt for complex ones. The best time to have simple carbs is after workout when your body needs it for restoration.
  • It is a myth in saying the only abs exercises are crunches and sit ups.  There are many other different forms that can be done.
  • Get the right abs with proper food intake at regular intervals, different exercises as well.


How to make six pack abs
How to make six pack abs