Healing for Your Thyroid

How to Perform Natural Healing for Your Thyroid

For those who just forgot what is thyroid, it is a gland located just below the larynx which serves as the controller of thyroxin amount that is produced and circulated in our system. The most common thyroid-related condition perhaps is hypothyroidism.  It is a condition wherein the thyroid becomes underactive in releasing thyroxin which is relevant in our body’s metabolism process.  Lack of thyroxin substance eventually leads to obesity.  So if you’re gaining weight although you’re observing your diet and daily workouts, do these following steps:

Healing for Your Thyroid
Healing for Your Thyroid



  1. Ask medical advice from these medical specialists about thyroid-related issues.
  • Homeopaths, naturopaths and licensed physicians will be your options. Homeopaths and naturopaths can help you through natural means of healing process. Licensed physicians are most likely to recommend pharmaceutical medicines.


  1. Eat foods abounding in Vitamin A, iodine and zinc if you have an underactive thyroid, but limit intake if you have overactive thyroid.
  • Vitamin A: Eggs, squash, carrots, sweet potato, kale, dried apricots and cantaloupe melon.
  • Iodine: Seafood, dried seaweed (or nori), dried prunes, navy beans, walnuts and cranberries.
  • Zinc: beef, lamb, spinach, cashew nuts, cocoa or chocolate and mushrooms.


  1. Design your daily workout regimen to improve flow of blood; hence, your body cells will be supplied with oxygen and invigorating nutrients while getting rid of your bodily toxins.


  1. Meditate about calm and peace, with regular visualization of blue light permeating your thyroid gland while doing slow breathing exercise.
  • You might be puzzled with this kind of meditation but actually, visualizing the blue hue helps heal some parts of our body.


  1. Learn to live your life full of positivity.
  • Feeling upset or negative about your current situation won’t add an ounce of vitality within. Keep a positive outlook and you will gain positive outcomes.
Healing for Your Thyroid
Healing for Your Thyroid