reduce belly fat

How to reduce belly fat in 8 days

In today’s world everyone have become health conscious.  There is no one who does not want to be fit and do all the things that is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  There are different things that people do in order to keep fit and maintain their physique.  The most common thing being daily morning walk or a job.  Youngsters have opted for different exercise regime like going to a gym, yoga class or even different kinds of dance class.  All of these helps in being fit and leading a healthy life.  This also helps in being slip and not getting fat.

reduce belly fat
reduce belly fat

Apart from doing all of the above, one should also concentrate on what food one eats.  There are so many junk food in the market that and everyone gets attracted towards it very easily.  Now, one can follow strict diet and choose to eat healthy.  There are certain food which will help in reducing your belly fat, improve digestion because of which there will not be any bloating of your tummy, which definitely is a strict no no for people who are seriously looking to get a healthy body, physique and lifestyle.

Certain food that help in reducing belly fat are:

  1. Sauekraut:  This is a traditional hot-dog topping which can reduce your waistline.  Food like Sauekraut, pickled veggies and kimchi are some of the best source of probiotics and they help in digestion and reduce bloating.
  2. Artichokes and asparagus:  These green veggies help in fat burning activities.
  3. Avocado:  This gives long burning energy by regulating the glucose in your body and keeps hunger at bay. Use Avocado in sandwiches and enjoy your snack.
  4. Leafy greens:  Spinach is one of the key to have a reduced belly.  One can eat spinach salad for lunch and see the difference.
  5. Yogurt:  This is another food that one can take to reduce fat.  Include this in your breakfast or add it to you salad and sandwich.
  6. Garlic:  This is another food which will help in reducing the waistline.  You can add chopped garlic to your food or even sprinkle garlic powder to your fish before grilling.
  7. Craving for something sweet:  The best bet will be to eat the fruit kiwi.  This fruit helps in reducing weight as it helps in killing the weight carrying bacteria.

Just follow some basic food habits and voila you will have the physique that you always dreamt of.