How to reduce breast size naturally by exercise – 7 steps

Most women of today almost have a need to increase their bust line so they would get noticed by men.  It seems that the size or of these globules determine the female’s charisma towards the opposite sex.  When the original and more practical purpose of the breasts is for maternal reasons, i.e. to feed the newly welcomed bouncing babies, single women tend to use these to add allure and appeal to their overall package.

reduce breast size
reduce breast size


However, studies demonstrate that larger breasts can be perilous to a woman’s health.  It may cause back pain, chest pain, difficulty in maintaining good posture and even an inconvenience in breathing.  In addition, gravity contributes one big factor of a woman with bountiful bosoms:  breast-drooping.   So, if you’re a wise female, aiming to circumvent this future dilemma, consider the following conditions and opt for this simple guide:


Determine factors that affect the enlargement of your breasts.  Find out the plausible factors that may affect the size of your bosom before you consider the steps in trimming down your bumper. If, by chance, you are using birth control pills consult our physician first.   .  When does this hormonal change occur? Menstrual cycle and pregnancy may be the culprits.  Again, it is commendable to ask for your doctor’s advice above all else.


Take into account your meal amount.  Your schedule and discipline of taking your meals every day affect your weight; hence will affect your breast size.  Remember that, a third of a female’s breasts are composed of fat cells and the rest is made up of lobules and lobes which are the ones that produce milk. Your kind of food contributes, too.  Eating food rich in protein and taking in a substantial amount of milk triggers growth.  Salty, oily and sweet foods add up to your calories… a definite negative for a low cal diet.  Moreover, it is recommended to take small amount of meals from time to time instead of taking big meals during breakfast, lunch or dinner—mainly.


You will benefit from simple exercises.  Walking works up your whole body.  It’s simple but burns a lot of those excess fats located mainly on the abdominal part of your body.  Grab all opportune moments of walking—taking the stairs, have a stroll at the park and do some window shopping. Don’t be such a slacker.  Move, move and move! You can actually exercise normally. Biking is a good hobby that you must do regularly. Dance to the beat of songs on your mp3 playlist.  Making your body sweat shouldn’t be costly.  Remember that gym exercise isn’t the only kind of exercise one can do.


Surgery.  Many people are still biased or uncomfortable with the idea of surgery.  If you will just try to be open-minded, it’s not altogether bad to undergo ‘pains’ and needles. It’s a lifetime investment and you will gain a long-term benefit after going through such ordeal.


Health advice. Don’t force or even pressure yourself too much.  Set a pace and let gradual change take over. Put into mind that instant changes may greatly affect your appearance.  More importantly, it may bring about damage instead of giving you your desired results.  Patience, patience and a lot of patience is required for a healthy output.


reduce breast size
reduce breast size