How to Remedy Nausea

How to Remedy Nausea – Tips and Practical Remedies

Nausea can be triggered by a number of things.  It can be through pregnancy, motion sickness, food poisoning, alcohol, medication or the most common—dizziness.


Let’s head straight to the point: How to we remedy nausea?  While the solution may not be altogether easy for each case, they all rooted into the first step.  You haveto determine the cause of nausea and fix it.  For example, you feel sick during your car ride.  Pull over, rest for a while and wait until it goes away.  The following methods may also ease your discomfort, so feel free to follow them:

How to Remedy Nausea
How to Remedy Nausea


  • Breathing

Take slow, deep breaths, letting the air go inside your nose and release it through your mouth.  While isopropyl alcohol can do wonders, you can find the alternative very handy in case you don’t have the former.


  • Vitamin B6 or Ginger-based Supplements

Currently, there are no evidences whether B6 or ginger are safe for pregnant women.  In this case, it’s best to play safe than endanger the little one.  For others, they can take 10mg of vitamin B6 or 1g of ginger.


  • Over-the-counter Medications

Antihistamines are number 1 friends for people on the go.  While this medication is usually used for allergies, they can be used as anti-nausea med.  On the other hand, there are also anti-emetics but their contribution is usually little compared to the formerly mentioned medication.  However, if you suspect that you are food poisoned, consult your doctor immediately to avoid dehydration.


  • Consulting Your Physician

Okay, all of your methods fail as the feeling of nausea won’t go away.  Enlist help from a friend or family to get you to go to the doctor.  Remember, if you’re already vomiting blood or the dizziness is great, you have to go immediately to the hospital.