How to set your sleep schedule

How to set your sleep schedule – 5 Steps

Our body needs sleep in order to restore energy and fight off stress.  Yet with the fast-paced lifestyle our career sometimes demands, we experience sleep disruption.  Other factors also affect our sleep sequence like working at night shift or traveling across another time zone.  So how do we re-establish our sleep sequence to help our body relax and rest?


How to set your sleep schedule
How to set your sleep schedule



  1. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Since we can’t eat all the food with the nutrition our body requires, taking in multivitamins may also help us.  Avoid processed and refined foods as they do not promote healthy sugar levels.  Maintaining balanced sugar levels helps you re-establish your sleeping sequence.


  1. Meditation, yoga, prayer and deep breathing exercises help your mind relax since they help you diminish the amount of stress within your system. These practices also help you to sleep quickly and longer.


  1. Observe seven or eight hours of sleep daily. With this, you can discipline your body not to have extended hours of sleep during the weekends and disrupt your sleeping schedule.


  1. Try to sleep in a dark room for your body to distinguish night time. In the mornings, open your curtains and allow light to permeate your room.  These routine allows your body to adjust with your own biological clock.


  1. Talk to your doctor or a health expert to know more how to re-establish your sleep sequence.  Know that there are certain supplements and alternative ways to help you with your sleep.